It is day 31 post op. The pain in my hip was gone immediately after surgery and that is a tremendous relief! The surgical pain, swelling, plus the nerves and muscles all waking up and realigning has been another story. However, the last two days have been so much better on the pain amd swelling […]

I have never been so happy to drive! Today I had to drive myself to the chiropractor and then later to PT. It was glorious! I love the simple blessing of being able to drive again!My first appointment today was with the chiropractor. He was surprised about the big leg length difference but he had […]

Zings, Zaps, and Spasms

I think these socks represent some of what I am feeling in my leg now. Well my thigh anyway. Splotches of zings and zaps. Occasional muscle spasms that can be short and isolated to spasms that quake my whole leg. I also get the wierd sensation that water is running down my leg. It’s. The […]

I had a shocking day at PT this morning. All was going well and as usual at the end I get a relaxing session with electro-stimulation and icing. Well I couldn’t feel one set of the pads at all turned all the way up and the other set was wonderful way down low. Turns out […]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Orthopedic surgeons really do have a different mindset don’t they? When I saw mine 13 days post surgery, he said my scar was beautiful. Umm, not so much doc. It’s big and ugly to me but I know eventually it will lighten up and be just fine. […]

It is 1:30 am and I am awake. I should be sleeping but I made the mistake of thinking I didnt need to take a tramadol tonight. I just corrected that mistake and also brought a hot water bottle with me. They tell you not to let the pain get ahead of you but gosh […]