Four Weeks Post Op and Driving

I have never been so happy to drive! Today I had to drive myself to the chiropractor and then later to PT. It was glorious! I love the simple blessing of being able to drive again!My first appointment today was with the chiropractor. He was surprised about the big leg length difference but he had a better shoe lift than what PT was offering. Well he didn’t have my size so it is on order and it’s coming from a company that is only about 20 miles from here in Cuba, MO. I like supporting local businesses! And now they will be supporting me quite literally! 😆! This lift will lift my whole foot not just the heel. It will be much better for my right foot itself. He also adjusted the rest of me. He has been so instrumental in keeping my pain bearable before the surgery and I am happy he can keep helping me afterwards! If you need a good chiropractor I can give you a recommendation!PT went well too. I don’t need the cane much except for long excursions and my therapist said I need to take it with me everywhere in public if only to keep people from josteling me amd making me fall! They did a goals assessment for my doctor and me and themselves of course. I think my goals are almost halfway met. I am off the walker and almost not dependent on the cane. But still have swelling and the LLD. I also have very little endurance and strength. It is progressing slow and steady. I have to be pleased with that.There is no more agonizing hip pain which is a huge blessing. If you have been waiting to do this surgery, I recommend you go do it before you lose all of your strength in that hip and leg like I did.As always please pray for me – especially for patience through this slow recovery. If you want any prayers, just leave a comment below!

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