Getting Stronger – Day 40 Post Left THR – Naming my Hip

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

I can’t believe I am 40 days post surgery already! I am getting stronger and my endurance is building up! I am up to over 6000 steps now according to my Fit bit and way more minutes than it shows (I forget to change settings for when I go on a walk)! I am glad I chose to wear the Fit bit while I am walking and made a goal to beat my previous day’s steps. It has really pushed me to move. The physical therapist is also glad I am doing this!Speaking of PT, last Thursday they really upped my game there as well. We added resistance to many of the exercises I was already doing and I started doing leg presses! I am working on doing stairs normally – not just going one step at a time with the good leg up and bad leg down! That is hard work folks! Wow! Oh amd they added on a balance exercise where I stand on this wobbly mat with my operated leg and hold it as long as I can! I did surprisingly well. But man it hurts (in that good, you are building muscle way).

Revealing My New Hips’ Name

Drum roll please!… And the name of my new hip is R2. As in R2D2. When I get my right hip done it will be D2! Why the heck am I naming my bionic parts you ask? Well, it’s because some of the people that are in a Facebook group for us “hippies” (people with hip replacements) started this little trend. So I said why not. But why did I choose R2?I have a Star Wars theme going on you see. I drive a Nissan Rogue and naturally I named it Rogue 1 (just like the movie). I have been a Star Wars fan since the first one came out when I was a kid. I think it was one of the first movies i saw in the theater! R2 is just a very resilient little robot so I am hoping my hip is too!

Building up the Heel

The PT built up my heel on the right shoe at little more on Thursday. Walking is a bit better since the leg length difference is less. But its still not even and the swelling still makes it worse at some point in the day! I wish the swelling would just totally go away already. This leg length difference and the swelling is so annoying still. The swelling is getting better though I have to ice it frequently.I see my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. I am hoping he will say I can go back to work – in the office and for field visits that don’t require much hiking. I need to work on balance more for that I think. I also hope to get clearance to start swimming or water exercise. I also want to start moisturizing my scar. I do still have some glue and tiny scabs left but those should be gone really soon.Please keep praying for me and know that I am praying for you!Peace!#anteriorlefttotalhipreplacement#myhipsisR2 #gettingstronger #cantstopmenow

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