The Scar, 15 Days Post THR

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Orthopedic surgeons really do have a different mindset don’t they? When I saw mine 13 days post surgery, he said my scar was beautiful. Umm, not so much doc. It’s big and ugly to me but I know eventually it will lighten up and be just fine. Here is a picture.

It actually looks better today than it did two days ago but it is still jarring to see. The swelling at my hip also bugs me but at least the swelling below the scar is getting better.

Today I start outpatient physical therapy. I am using a different company than the hospital amd home health company that started my therapies. Probably some negatives in that decision but the surgeon did say I could choose either place (and he is at the hospital). I just like the billing practice at this facility better than the hospital. At the hospital you can’t pay your co-pay at the time of service. They bill you later and you end up with a huge bill. At the other place you pay as you go. I much prefer that. And parking is better there too! My daughter used to go there and we liked them. I will let you know how it goes. I am looking forward to getting healthy and strong.


My ultimate goal is to be walking without a limp and to be pain free. I want to be able to hike in the woods for work without fear of needing to be airlifted or otherwise rescued because I can’t make it. Before the surgery, I was in so much pain that field work that would require a mile or even less hiking was just out. Trips to Wal-Mart were even horribly painful. I am looking forward to being able to exercise to lose weight also.

If you have had a THR, what are/were your goals and have you achieved them? How long did it take?

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