Zings, Zaps, and Spasms

I think these socks represent some of what I am feeling in my leg now. Well my thigh anyway. Splotches of zings and zaps. Occasional muscle spasms that can be short and isolated to spasms that quake my whole leg. I also get the wierd sensation that water is running down my leg. It’s. The weirdest thing – my leg is dry but I swear something dripped down my leg!I am now just about 4 weeks post anterior left total hip replacement. Things are going well except for the swelling and the things I mention above. The swelling is much improved though. I am no longer using the walker at all and I only use a cane if I am walking longer distances or in the gravel. It is kind of my security blanket! If I feel wobbly, I can stabiloze myself with the cane easily. If the swelling would just go away, I think the leg length discrepancy wouldn’t be as noticable. I got a new lift for my shoe and when the swelling is down it is great. So I sit and ice my thigh and wear compression stockings!PT is going great. No more “shocking” experiences – at least in the negative sense! Every time I go, they add on a new exercise. I am doing well they say! I have come a long way since I statted there! I just need to be patient. Before long I will be ready for some more action. I need to build up endurance. Slow and steady right?This is going to be a hard week for my extended family. We are laying my Aunt Cecilia to rest. She was a great woman. I loved her a lot. I wish I could be there for my uncle and cousins. But its a long way away and there is no way I could drive or even fly there right now. Please say a prayer for the family if you are the praying type.

2 thoughts on “Zings, Zaps, and Spasms

  1. So sorry about your aunt, i wil pray. Jou hart doing great, maybe you need to adopy a turtle for your mascot instead of a bat.

  2. So sorry about your aunt, i wil pray. You are doing great, maybe you need to adopy a turtle for your mascot instead of a bat.

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