Electrocuted 21 days Post THR

I had a shocking day at PT this morning. All was going well and as usual at the end I get a relaxing session with electro-stimulation and icing. Well I couldn’t feel one set of the pads at all turned all the way up and the other set was wonderful way down low. Turns out the first set wasn’t plugged in correctly. When someone noticed and plugged it in right – WOWSERS! It about sent me through the roof! Holy moly that HURT! He quickly turned it down after my scream shook the whole room! He couldn’t have been more apologetic! Poor guy felt so bad. I laugh/cried for a few minutes. I am still tingling….On the bright side of things, I am now using a cane not the walker! Yay! Walking is getting easier and exercising it feels good. My blood sugars have been really great lately too. My daughter has been feeding me very well and building muscle certainly helps. Can pain cause your blood sugars to increase like it can your blood pressures?To relax, I have started watercolor painting again. I did these two little bookmarks the other day. I will be giving them to some friends who brought me some gifts during recovery. Need to laminate and add a tassel. How do you relax?

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