14 Days Post Anterior Hip Replacement

It is 1:30 am and I am awake. I should be sleeping but I made the mistake of thinking I didnt need to take a tramadol tonight. I just corrected that mistake and also brought a hot water bottle with me. They tell you not to let the pain get ahead of you but gosh I just want to be done with it!The doctor took the last dressing off yesterday. I am so happy because ripping those things off hurt like hell! He is pleased with the way my scar looks. I think it is ugly but it will look better soon right?The thing that bugs me the most is leg length difference. He assures me that it won’t be so bad before too long but in the meantime PT will help with that and get some inserts for my shoes. Might have to get sandals with a built up sole for hot weather coming! Any recommendations?Ok I think the meds are kickingin. Must rest up and heal.#anteriortotalhipreplacement #hip #hipreplacementrecovery

2 thoughts on “14 Days Post Anterior Hip Replacement

  1. Leg length really does usually correct itself with consistent physio exercises. At least it’s my experience. I’ve even had one leg lengthened 2inches in a femoral Osteotomy, and it still corrected the length

    1. Unfortunately it still hasn’t. Podiatrist took an x-ray and there is an 8mm difference in leg length as measured by bone size.

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