Butterfly on Milkweed Flower

Halfway Through 2023

Picture of Question Mark Butterfly. Image by Theresa Davidson
Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis). Image by Theresa Davidson

How are we already halfway through 2023? I haven’t blogged in a while and the only excuse I have is life has been BUSY! There are just so many things vying for my attention. Most of the year I have not even prioritized all of the right things. I am trying to get back on track.

Word of the Year

Even though we are halfway through this year, I am going to memorialize my word of the year. This years’ word is hope. Without hope for a brighter tomorrow, for a future in heaven, I don’t know how to get through the bad times. Living in the present is so important, but having hope keeps me grounded in the things that matter to me. Do you choose a word every year? If so let me know what it is in the comments. Found this on youtube: https://youtu.be/CMiQD7brjgk . Also like this: What Is Hope? | Catholic Answers

Soccer Mom Again

The heading is a little misleading, my grandson has been playing recreational soccer since he was in pre-school. This year he started playing on the towns traveling soccer team. It is so much fun watching him grow stronger as the teams goalkeeper. His team went from the “the bad news bears” (remember that gen x-ers?) to winning their first tournament! They didn’t lose any games in that tournament but tied one against the most experienced team in their division (they beat the same team in the final). To say we were all surprised and proud of them is an understatement. We are halfway through the calendar year with one season down, a summer full of training, and then the fall season. Bring it on. I love it.

Authors grandson drop kicking a soccer ball.  Image by Theresa Davidson
My grandson dropkicking skills continue to improve. Image by Theresa Davidson.

Family Fun

We have had a good time with the family in between soccer practice, games, school and work! We had a great easter celebration at my mom’s house. It was a nice day and we celebrated with cascarones (confetti eggs) and other yard games and corn-hole. Of course we went to mass to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection.

Authors grandchildren having fun with an easter egg hunt. Image by Theresa Davidson
The grandkids had easter fun at their great grandparents house. Image by Theresa Davidson

Unexpected Storm

I guess you can’t get halfway through a year without some exciting weather, can you? This spring brought a couple of intense rain and wind events, with a little hail thrown in for good measure. Thankfully, we were spared from tornados! But we did get some damage to our house. We have to replace the siding and roof on our house. Some sections of siding were ripped off the house or just up and away from the house. One section became home to a colony of big brown bats. Being the “battyowl” and a wildlife biologist who happens to love bats, I thought that was pretty exciting. Not all people would welcome the bats and the mess they made down the side of the house but I was. I also knew it was temporary. We are replacing the siding after all.

The Lord has come through with his beautiful artistry once again. I have so many pictures of flowers, birds, and landscapes. I will add a few pictures here for you to enjoy. All images are mine. My art could never compare.

Also had fun with the grandkids (and the big kids too) on Memorial day weekend. I tried my hand at taking pictures of them blowing bubbles and the bubbles themselves. All images are mine.

Summer’s Here

Well, this year is halfway through and summer is here. I hope you take time to enjoy time in nature and with your families. May God bless you with wonderful weather – warm sun and lovely drought quenching rains when you need it. Do you have big summer plans?


2022 – What a Year!

Bonfire Image by Theresa Davidson

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”

Henri J.M. Nouwen


For the past couple of years, I have chosen a “word” and tried to focus on it throughout the year. My word for 2022 was “joy.” I have actually spent a lot of time focusing on finding joy this year even though there have been some really rough patches this year. Like the quote above, I have found that to find you, you have to choose it on those hard days or at least through the tough times. I chose the bonfire image to symbolize the tough times, but it was a joyous occasion when we burned that fire (our family Halloween celebration).

Baltimore Oriole Image by Theresa Davidson


You know what they say, there is a time for everything. Early this year, I was asked if I was interested in doing a temporary detail into a Regional USFS position (Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive Species Program Lead). After much thought, I decided to go for it! After a few months in the temporary detail, I was officially offered the position and I accepted it! It was hard leaving the National Forest I had spent the last 13 years on – both as Forest Wildlife Biologist and as Collaboration & Planning Staff Officer. This wasn’t a promotion, I stayed at the same pay grade – without supervision. A step back from FS leadership but still a position with collaboration and leadership skills necessary.

I restarted this blog again in 2022 after barely blogging these past few years. The restart was part of an experiment I am not going to go in to, but it was semi-successful! Looking forward to many more changes next year.

Spiritually, I have done some growing as well. I have blogged about this a little, but more is going on inside of me and I suppose that is where is all starts, right? Hopefully, the youth group I lead, is benefitting from this growth – and maybe it is expanding outward too. Letting the light shine, if you know what I mean. Jesus has been there for me, that’s for sure and my guardian angel has most likely worked overtime for me.


This year has been a time of loss too. One of my employees passed away early this year. She was so young and such a sweet person. Cancer sucks. It was so devastating to all that worked with her and of course to her family. It was heartening to see her friends and co-workers rally together to send her care packages while she was in the hospital and to see them again rally to pack up her apartment with her parents. Kathryn, you are missed.

We also lost my father-in-law this month. Losing family during the holidays is hard. Lucky was a lifelong conservationist, avid tennis player turned official, fisherman, husband, dad and grandpa. He fought a terrible battle with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. I can’t imagine the pain he was in before his passing. I am grateful for the hospice service that made him a little more comfortable in his last days. He will be very missed.

This is a terrible picture of a picture – but it is one of my favorites. Lucky made huge leaf piles for my girls when they were little. This picture was taken over 20 years ago!


This year has been filled with travel for me! Most of it was work related but there was some pleasure travel as well. I went to South Dakota this year for a conference at Custer State Park. I was able to visit Mt. Rushmore on the way there. The buffalo up close at CSP was such an awesome experience.

Cape Cod Trip image by Theresa Davidson

The big family highlight was a big trip to Cape Cod. We went there for a Family Adventure Cycling tour of the cape! We rode our bikes on the Cape Cod Rail Trail and along the National Seashore. Brian did about 100 miles, Brayden and I did about 85 miles. It definitely pushed my limits but it was so worth it. We camped the entire way out there and well we did get a couple of hotels on the way back. I think my favorite state we camped in was Vermont. It was beautiful there! On the way back home, we also stopped in Pennsylvania and saw my dad and brothers. That was a visit way overdue.

I took a couple of work trips to Wisconsin, one at the peak of fall colors which was pretty great. A work trip to Florida rounded out my work travel. Orlando in November isn’t a bad time to go! I went a day early and got to spend a half day exploring Universal Studios by myself. Of course, I had to go to the Harry Potter world. Also got to go to a nature preserve that The Nature Conservancy manages. It was beautiful.

I am looking forward to the new year. What was your favorite part of 2022? Let me know in the comments!


Stewardship of the Earth – Pollinators

“The earth will not continue to offer its harvest except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.”

Pope Saint John Paul II

What is stewardship?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary (Stewardship Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster) stewardship is the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. This certainly includes the stewardship or care for our environment. The U.S. Catholic Bishops have weighed in on stewardship of our natural resources as well.

We show our respect for the Creator by our stewardship of God’s creation. Care for the earth is a duty of our faith and a sign of our concern for all people.

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship A Call to Political Responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the
United States
Butterfly on flower. Image by Theresa Davidson

The problem

People sometimes think our natural resources take care of themselves, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when humans have had such a huge impact on the natural world. Habitats are fragmented with roads and houses or farms and yards. We don’t allow natural processes to replenish nutrients through things like fire or floods – because we have built our homes and businesses right next to natural areas – and of course we have to protect our infrastructure. Leaves are raked in the fall instead of leaving them to fertilize the soil naturally. Mosquitos are “fogged” out with insecticides but in the process also take out beneficial insects. We plant non-native flowers or keep sterile lawns that offer no habitat for insects and other animals. We use chemicals to help grow crops and often those chemicals are not friendly to pollinators.

What is a pollinator and why should I care?

The National Park Service defines a pollinator as “…anything that helps carry pollen from the male part of the flower (stamen) to the female part of the same or another flower (stigma).” (What is a pollinator? – Pollinators (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)). Some pollinators include bees, butterflies, moths, birds, flies, and bats! The more I learn about bees, the more fascinated I become with them. If I wasn’t allergic to bee stings, I would be studying them more closely or would have my own hives!

If you like to eat fruits, vegetables, and seeds/nuts, you should care about pollinators. Trees, clean air and healthy ecosystems are worthy of your concern, because the stewardship of our natural resources and the pollinators are necessary for the continued survival of those ecosystems. If a healthy economy is important to you, you should care about pollinators that move pollen in agricultural systems! If you care about people, you should care about pollinators and the stewardship of creation! We need all of things (food, healthy ecosystems, and a healthy economy) to maintain our own lives.

“As stewards of God’s creation, we are called to make the earth a beautiful garden for the human family.”

Pope Francis
Tomatoes in my garden frequently visited by various pollinators. Image by Theresa Davidson

What can you do for pollinators?

You probably already know more and care more about pollinators than you may realize. Who doesn’t love seeing butterflies flitting around our yards? Or the stunning beauty of a luna moth? I wish I had a recent picture of a luna moth. Birds move pollen and spread seeds too! Feed the birds suet and seeds, but make sure there are native sources too such as wild berries or the seeds from wildflowers. There are bats that are pollinators too. In the US and Mexico there are bats that are responsible for pollinating the agave plant – if you like tequila, you should care about those bat species. They are federally listed as endangered.

I challenge you to look up bees. There are so many different species of bees. Some insects I thought were flies are actually bees! Plant native wildflower gardens for the bees and other insect pollinators to enjoy – while you enjoy their beauty! There are many online sources and native wildflower nurseries around the country. Let the dandelions grow in your lawn! Dandelions feed so many pollinators throughout their life cycle and almost every part of the plant is edible for humans.

Yellow throated warbler. Image by Theresa Davidson

God gave us such an awesome responsibility to steward the earth and all of His creation. We can make a difference, if we care and if we take our stewardship responsibility seriously. What are your favorite pollinators?


Choosing Health

Image By Theresa Davidson. Flowers in three different stages of life.

Where I Have Been

It is time. Time for me to choose health. For too long, I have not chosen health. I have had fits and starts but I fall back on old habits. I have carried too much weight from my pregnancies. My first born is 27, I don’t think I can use it as an excuse anymore. I was on bed rest with her, and I just gained a lot of weight. It wasn’t pretty. But I have to give it up.

“The more a man uses moderation in his life, the more he is at peace, for he is not full of cares for many things. “

St. Anthony the Great
Image by Theresa Davidson. Monarch caterpillar eating milkweed leaf.

Last year my A1C crept up to 6.1. That is not terrible for a type 2 diabetic, but it is when the doctor says you either need to lose weight and eat right or you are going back on medication. My cholesterol was also going up. Menopause symptoms were getting bad again and the weight gain – just unstoppable.

Speaking of menopause, did you know menopause symptoms are so much more than hot flashes and night sweats? There are mood swings, aches and pains, brain fog, and man, if I didn’t have ADHD before, I sure feel like I do now! A good night’s sleep, what is that? My doctor (GP) wanted to put me on Lexapro when I said I had mood swings. I snapped at him and said “why do you only hear “mood swings? If I could sleep, I wouldn’t be so moody.” I had to laugh at myself later, but seriously, if I was getting enough rest, I think I could focus better and not be moody. I saw my gynecologist a few weeks later and she tried a different medication to try to help me sleep. Unfortunately, that med made my heart rate drop so low I thought I was going to die. No more of that. Still need to try something else.

Image by Theresa Davidson. Sunset picture from my deck, taken with my phone.

“Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow.”

Saint Augustine

Where I Am Going

Dieting is not easy for anyone. I have tried a number of different diets and have had varying levels of success with each one. Everyone’s body is different and you need to find what works for you. With the combination of taking something for my menopause (an OTC menopause remedy), the lifestyle changes I am making with my diet (low carb/healthy fats), getting a little more exercise in, and wearing a continuous glucose monitor, things are starting to change. My prayer is that God gives me the strength to keep on this path. I want to be healthy so I can do what He calls me to do.

Another aspect of health is taking care of your mental health. I am so glad that the old thoughts on mental health issues as being shameful and weak are disappearing. It’s so important to take time to do things that “keep you sane” and do things that bring you joy. Nature photography, arts & crafts, reading, and writing all keep me sane and bring me joy. All of those things are like prayer to me. Singing is like prayer to me too and I start the day by singing in the shower – mostly Matt Maher songs. I am sure my family just loves all the noise I am making. Didn’t St. Augustine say, “singing is praying twice?’ Ah, but it brings me great joy. Isn’t it lovely to take a walk outside? Taking time to “smell the roses” is so refreshing to the mind and to the soul. Prayer and receiving the sacraments also helps stay in the right place mentally and spiritually.

“I appeal to you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Romans 12:1-2

Capturing peaceful images is also soul soothing to me. What are you doing to stay healthy: physically, mentally, and spiritually?


printed musical note page

Music – It Moves Me

I love listening to music. I love singing – mostly in the shower or in the car! Choosing a favorite genre is impossible. I love it all! My mood dictates what I am listening to most of the time. Sometimes I want music to just chill with, sometimes, I want music in the background while I am working or reading (usually classical). There are times I want to rock, times I want to listen to throw backs to my youth (a lot of times this is where I land to be honest), and there are times I use music for worship and prayer.

Image by Theresa Davidson. My headphones and phone!

Music has the power to move a person or to make a person move! Here is some music that moves me. I have included YouTube links to some of the songs.

Image by Theresa Davidson; My Echo Show playing Lord I Need You by Matt Maher

These are just some of the songs that move me. What songs move you?


Capturing Nature

Image By Theresa Davidson 2022 Wildflowers at Loggers Lake, Missouri

“On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.”

Psalms 145:5

Within a few months of the covid pandemic, I knew I would want to spend a lot of time outdoors. I needed something better than my phone to capture the beauty of the outdoors. I was very lucky to happen upon an ad for a barely used Nikon D3500. It’s a nice entry level DSLR. The man whom I bought it from, bought it for the same reason I was buying it. He decided within months that he loved photography so much that he was going to upgrade to an even better camera. This camera makes me very happy, but I will probably upgrade when I retire and have more time to really get out there.

Image by Theresa Davidson – my camera (picture taken by my phone!)

I just love to get outside and take pictures of all of the wildflowers my husband has planted trying to convert some of our land back to native species. Some of the pictures I take are of non-native flowers (they are so pretty; I can’t help myself). I am not great at bird photography, and I probably need a better lens for that, but I have managed to get some good shots. I have captured dragonflies and butterflies too!

Image by Theresa Davidson: Goldenrod
Image by Theresa Davidson: I could not stop myself from taking this picture of a curly vine growing on this tree.

Being in nature always brings me closer to God. Seeing his wonderful creation always leaves me in awe. I always thank him for the beauty all around me. I can only capture a little snippet of what I am seeing (even if it’s a landscape). Many of these pictures will be used to create watercolor or acrylic paintings at some point! Practicing that will bring me great joy!

Image by Theresa Davidson, Turtle on branch at Lion’s Club Park, Rolla, MO.
Image by Theresa Davidson: Mushroom in my back yard.
Image by Theresa Davidson: Dragonfly at Lion’s Club Park, Rolla, MO

I will leave you with this quote below. Let me know how you like to enjoy nature. Peace.

“Let all creation help you to praise God. Give yourself the rest you need. When you are walking alone, listen to the sermon preached to you by the flowers, the trees, the shrubs, the sky, the sun and the whole world. Notice how they preach to you a sermon full of love, of praise of God, and how they invite you to proclaim the greatness of the one who has given them being.”

St. Paul of the Cross
Image by Theresa Davidson: Loggers Lake, MO

Doorways – part 2

“And when they went to buy, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the marriage feast and the door was shut. Afterwards the other maidens came also, saying Lord, Lord, open to use. But He replied, “Truly, I say to you, I do not know you. Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.” – Matthew 25:10-13

Here is another doorway we will all be faced with. It is a little scarier to think about this one. I mean, it’s joyful on the one hand – described as going to the marriage feast! Who doesn’t love a wedding party. Or more specifically, who doesn’t want to enter the gates of heaven? This passage tells us we have to be ready to enter through that doorway at any time – or else we will be wailing on the other side! We don’t know the day or hour of our death or the Lord’s coming. It’s sobering news, isn’t it?

How do we get and stay ready? We need to be so grateful for God’s mercy. We need to stay in relationship with Jesus! I used to hear that, and I wasn’t sure what that meant or how to do it. We do it through prayer, through reading the Bible and pondering His words. How is He trying to speak to you through the Word?

We are supposed to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). What does that mean and how do we do it? There are many books explaining various ways to do that, but I will share what I try to do (I definitely need to keep working on it). For me it can look like reading the mass (bible) readings for the day – and read or listen to a reflection on it. If I am really on my “game,” I will try to relate it to my life, I may even journal on it. Throughout the day I try to thank God for different things. If I am bird watching or just out in nature in general, I am always overjoyed and amazed by God’s creation and artistry. I pray for the ability to be a good steward of God’s creation. I also pray for the ability to somehow capture His creation creatively – either through my art or my photography, writing (this blog, poetry (been a while), or in my journal). I thank God for getting a green light when I need to get somewhere, or for a red light when I need to grab something in my car!

Image by Theresa Davidson – Sunflower after rain 2022

I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my words if someone needs my counsel or to help keep my mouth shut in situations where my temper may be tested (I really need to work on both of these because well, let’s just say, I need help). I like to use a prayer journal and pour my prayer into it. And of course, I attend Sunday mass.

We also need to make sure we are right with God. I am so grateful for the sacrament of reconciliation. I make not like it – it’s so humbling, isn’t it? But I am grateful for the gift of God’s mercy.

Stay ready for that doorway to open to you! I would love to hear ways you pray constantly or your favorite form of prayer.


Image By Theresa Davidson at C&O Canal in Pennsylvania 2022

Doorways – Prayer (part 1)

Have you ever gotten to a closed door and felt trepidation or maybe excitement at what might be on the other side? Doorways can be portal to new adventures or a path to bad news. An open door is usually easier to go through than a closed door – at least for me anyway. You can take a peek into the open doorway; and see what is just beyond, but a closed door just lends itself to mystery.

Have you ever thought of your prayer as a doorway? Luke 11:9-13 says “And I tell you, Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

We are knocking on Heaven’s door when we pray! When we bring our needs and the needs of others to God’s door, we will be answered! I know the hard truth that sometimes the answer is “no” or “not yet.” But sometimes that answer is a “yes” and that answer sometimes comes very quickly. I prayed for years for a close relative to be healed of their health issues, and they never were. But God had other plans and I am seeing how all of it worked out for good. I have seen the power of prayer work miracles – healing that could not be explained. The thing is we have to pray, and we have to pray with faith. Faith that God hears and answers our prayers. And then we have to thank God for hearing and answering our prayers.

Bringing our needs to God and even asking others to pray for us takes courage. It exposes our vulnerabilities and areas out of our control. AH, isn’t that the key! So often I want to be in control, I want my will to be done, my way, and now. It’s often after that doesn’t work, that then I go to God, exhausted with all my efforts, and then really pray for His will to be done. I need to learn how to get over myself, over my need to be I control, and go to God first. I mean I pray daily and all, but when stuff hits the fan, I usually want to dive in and solve problems and control the situation! Am I alone in this? Tell me I am not! I would love to hear how you have worked to overcome this or how you are working it.

Pray for me friends! I will pray for you too. Keep on knocking on Heavens door.


Bye bye 2020, Hello 2021

For many 2020 was a terrible year. To be sure it was a difficult year in some aspects for me but in many ways it was a great year! The year started out poorly (even before covid). I had some pretty major gut issues going on (ulcer and acid reflux). The medicine I was put on worked great, along with a clear liquid diet (they thought I had pancreatitis at first). Then the medicine worked too well and pretty much blocked all acids including what is needed to break down co.plex proteins in nightshades and other food. I stareted having allergic reactions to foods I never had am issue with. So I stopped the medicine and after a few weeks was fine. With the ulcer healed I was fine with just OTC medicine for any remaining reflux.

Then covid hit! I didn’t get it but school went virtual and I began teleworking from home. That was tough at first but we are used to it now. We have rough days for sure but as long as the school work gets done at some point in the day I am good with it! Work from home is fine most days. Internet connectivity or phone signals can be an issue at home sometimes! That is a pain. Somedays my best phone signal is outside. That’s ok on nice days, not so fun on cold day! The dogs are not going to like it when we go back to the office at some point. Brayden is going to miss Fortnite time when he goes back to school next year! 😆

We have managed to stay covid free as far as we know. I have taken one test that was negative but with a lingering cough who knows. Whitney and her boyfriend both had covid but stayed away from us for several weeks. I have also had several other relatives who have had it. Thankfully all are well now.

This has been a year with some pretty important milestones for me. I have hit 30 years as a federal public servant this year! I started in high school, got a co-op (trainee) position in college and was hired permanently within 4 months of graduating. It has been great! 19 years with the Forest Service, 10 with US Fish & Wildlife Service, and odd months with USDA Food and Nutrition Setivce and The Natural Resources Conservation Service. It has been a great career path. I will come back to this career path in a minute.

I also hit 50 years of age this year! Yikes! Some days I feel my age in the achiness of my body and tired mind but then I also feel like I am barely a day over 30! 😊 I have had a good life filled with challenges and trials but also with a lot of joy. Every moment has made me who I am and I am not unhappy with the woman I am. I have made good choices and some not so good choices. But they all make me – me!

Back to my career path. Just before Christmas vacation, I was offered and accepted a new job. I am not moving anywhere and I have been in a temporary detail doing this job for the past few months. I will start the new job on Monday January 4th. I am the Planning and Collaboration Staff Officer for the Mark Twain National Forest. I am looking forward to this challenge and opportunity. This will be a good stretch for me. I will be supervising a highly competent staff of 6 (5 right now but filling a vacant position soon). I will be learning new staff areas outside of the wildlife and fisheries world I have lived in for almost 30 years. I am excited.

I hope you all are healthy. Keep wearing the masks and distancing. I am looking forward to seeing more friends in 2021. May God bless you. Happy New Year!

#HappyNewYear2021 #bye2020

Happy New Year – 2020!

Wow 2019 went by way too quickly! Are you with me? This fall just zoomed by for me especially! Luckily I decided to do early Christmas shopping this year so December was blessedly more enjoyable.

The biggest challenge I faced in 2019 was needing and getting the left total hip replacement. Thanks to Facebook memories, I found that I had been suffering with hip pain since at least 2012. My chiropractor did a good job of keeping me out of the orthopedics office for 6.5 years before he actually said it’s time to go.

I am glad I went. In addition to the osteoarthritis I had trochanteric bursitis. He treated that with injections of steroids. It didn’t work until the very last one. But that uncovered the bone on bone pain that was even evident while swimmming. Even shopping at Wal-Mart would leave me in pain that could bring me to tears.The surgery on April 30th went so well. I am now 9 months out. I still have the annoying leg length difference but am getting used to it. I still get some nerve zingers and zaps. My IT band and piriformis muscles still like to tighten alomst daily but I use this knobby rolling pin massager and it feels so much better. My skin is pretty sensitive on part of my thigh but it’s not painful.

My surgeon asked if I would do it again. Heck yea. I can walk miles a day now without being in agony. I sat criss cross applesauce (there has got to be another name for that) the other day and I giggled like a school girl once I realized what I was doing!

Oh – bad news, I did develop trochanteric bursitis again and I got another cortizone injection. That sucks and the injection didn’t work but I am taking aleve daily per his recommendation and between lots of stretching and the rolling, it is helping.

Work was so much more enjoyable this year. The first time out in the field, I was nervous but it went well! I walked and walked in a wet fen area and up and down hills. All the PT I did really paid off. I also got to do a brief temporary detail as a District Ranger. I really enjoyed that. I wasnt sure that would ever be a career path for me but I do believe if the right opportunity were to present itself to me, I would apply. I am starting the new year in another temporary detail – this time in a Staff Officer position. I am excited to give this path a shot!

I am so proud of my family over this past year too. My oldest daughter maintained straight A’s in her surgical technology program. My youngest daughter also maintained high grades in her degree programs. My grandkids are doing well in elementary school. Brian did a detail for the Southern region this fall too. It wasn’t his cup of tea but it went well.

I am looking forward to 2020. I pray that you find health, peace and joy.