Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

It is day 31 post op. The pain in my hip was gone immediately after surgery and that is a tremendous relief! The surgical pain, swelling, plus the nerves and muscles all waking up and realigning has been another story. However, the last two days have been so much better on the pain amd swelling front! I mean I still swell and have to ice especially after exercise but it is so much more tolerable! Thank you Jesus! I have been praying for this! Today, I even walked a little ober a mile. Not all at once but throughout the day and I call that a win!But there has been one step back and it really has almost nothing to do with surgical recovery. I have a sinus infection folks. It really sucks. I have been battling allergies since before surgery but they finally got away from me and I knew I better call the doctor to get it taken care of. You see, any infection can decide to go and get settled in a new implant (a.k.a. my hip – which I am calling R2 (more on that in another post). So I am on antibiotics now and the doctor thinks I caught it early enough not to worry about it affecting my hip. Phew.So I am attaching a photo of my funny shoes. I found if I wear the croc like shoe (it’s actually Sketchers) on my right foot with the little gym shoe from Wal-Mart on the left, I am pretty evened out. I wear my real gym shoes with lifts when I go out for a walk or out in public don’t worry! But just to slip on in the house or to let the dogs out this is fine.Peace friends. Keep praying for me! I’ll be praying for you!

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