May 2019

I have never been so happy to drive! Today I had to drive myself to the chiropractor and then later to PT. It was glorious! I love the simple blessing of being able to drive again!My first appointment today was with the chiropractor. He was surprised about the big leg length difference but he had […]

Zings, Zaps, and Spasms

I think these socks represent some of what I am feeling in my leg now. Well my thigh anyway. Splotches of zings and zaps. Occasional muscle spasms that can be short and isolated to spasms that quake my whole leg. I also get the wierd sensation that water is running down my leg. It’s. The […]

I had a shocking day at PT this morning. All was going well and as usual at the end I get a relaxing session with electro-stimulation and icing. Well I couldn’t feel one set of the pads at all turned all the way up and the other set was wonderful way down low. Turns out […]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Orthopedic surgeons really do have a different mindset don’t they? When I saw mine 13 days post surgery, he said my scar was beautiful. Umm, not so much doc. It’s big and ugly to me but I know eventually it will lighten up and be just fine. […]

It is 1:30 am and I am awake. I should be sleeping but I made the mistake of thinking I didnt need to take a tramadol tonight. I just corrected that mistake and also brought a hot water bottle with me. They tell you not to let the pain get ahead of you but gosh […]