printed musical note page

Music – It Moves Me

I love listening to music. I love singing – mostly in the shower or in the car! Choosing a favorite genre is impossible. I love it all! My mood dictates what I am listening to most of the time. Sometimes I want music to just chill with, sometimes, I want music in the background while I am working or reading (usually classical). There are times I want to rock, times I want to listen to throw backs to my youth (a lot of times this is where I land to be honest), and there are times I use music for worship and prayer.

Image by Theresa Davidson. My headphones and phone!

Music has the power to move a person or to make a person move! Here is some music that moves me. I have included YouTube links to some of the songs.

Image by Theresa Davidson; My Echo Show playing Lord I Need You by Matt Maher

These are just some of the songs that move me. What songs move you?