Back to Work 6 Weeks Post THR

I can’t believe it is 6 weeks after I had my left hip replaced. I went back in to the office to work for the first time today! I wasn’t there much because I had several appointments today (chiropractor, mammogram, PT and at the end of the day a hair cut!). But it was nice to be back to some normal life.My chiropractor had my new shoe lift today. I’m not in love with it yet but I will adjust to it I guess. He told me the leg length difference is really about 7mm. That sounds way better but its still greater than than when the swelling is up.My physical therapists were really happy with my gait today. It is getting better but I have to think about it all the time. Like “pick foot up, don’t drag” kinds of reminders to myself. I tripped a couple of times today but nothing bad, no pain other than being embarrassing. I am getting stronger and that is so encouraging.I saw my surgeon yesterday. He is also pleased with my progress. I see him again in another 6 weeks. I hope to be much stronger by then! He cleared me to swim and hike and do whatever my body felt up to. He also said I would pay for overdoing things in the evenings or the next day. So while I want to increase my activity I must be prudent about it!I have been wearing a FitBit Blaze that was my husband’s and it was a few years old. It glitched out and died. I am up to walking about 2.5 miles a day! I ordered a new fitness tracker and it should be herr tomorrow. It helps me keep track of my progress.Friends, I am sad. One of our former pastors from church passed away on Sunday. He was special to me and helped get me through some hard times. Please keep Fr. Charlie and his family and friends in your prayers.Peace.

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