7 Weeks Post Op

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks post left total hip replacement. The progress I have made these 7 weeks is pretty amazing. I was very impatient for a while (just read my earlier posts!) But I have taken time to really assess my progress and it’s pretty stinking amazing for a major surgery!

When I first got home from the surgery I could barely lift that leg! Now I really can! I can do things now that I couldn’t do before the surgery because of the pain from the osteoarthritis. Like tying my shoes without getting in crazy positions! So many little things.

I have to credit my new outlook from advice from my friend and former pastor Fr. Charles Pardee. He helped me through some really hard times in the past and he always told me to look for the small wins, the many little things, when put together make lifes problems seem small. He also taught me to bear my crosses bravely. And this is just another small cross to bear really.

Fr. Charlie passed away on June 9th. His funeral mass was this morning. I have been so incredibly sad. I will miss him so much. I miss him so much. Rest in peace Fr. Charlie! Pray for me Fr. Charlie!

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