Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

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2015 Tax Time is Upon Us

It’s Tax Time!

My taxes are done!  I e-filed today!  I have “rendered unto Caesar the things that are Caesars..” (Matthew 22:21).  “Caesar” also gets to give me a little back.

That part is always nice.  A little refund is welcome to me.  If it weren’t for our “little deductions” (and the big ones too (house)), we’d probably owe taxes.  We’ll have to re-figure our W-4’s once the little guy starts school full time and child care costs diminish.

A Hot Topic.

Taxes are such a heated topic among politicians and those who like to discuss politics (I’m really not one of those folks). We are hearing plenty of talk on the subject by the political candidates right now though the debates and political ads.  Our tax dollars fund a lot of things and you should probably look up how that money is spent.  Go straight to the source here.  There are many good government programs and some that maybe aren’t.  My point here is not to get into a political debate, rather I am just pointing you to some facts on where our tax dollars are really spent, instead of believing potentially misleading commercials or statements.  You should also look up all of the candidates plans for taxes and their tax voting record.

Catholic Viewpoint on Taxes & Voting

I’m not an expert in this subject at all.  A few years ago (2008), Archbishop Charles J. Chaput authored a book for Catholics (and anyone else) facing a U.S. election year, called “Render Unto Ceasar: Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life” (Find book on Amazon).  It may be a great time for you to read the book for the first time (or again), especially if you are Catholic, and are struggling to pick a candidate to endorse (as I am).  You can also read the transcript of a talk the Archbishop gave on the same subject here.

Paying taxes is a civic duty we must all engage in; as is voting in our elections. I have participated in my tax duties and will vote this year. Will you?

Do you have your taxes done? Let me know in the comments.


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