12 Weeks Post Total Hip Replacement

I can’t believe that it has been 12 weeks since I had my left hip replaced! I saw my surgeon today and we are both pleased with my recovery thus far. I have full range of motion back. Though I don’t think I can sit criss cross applesauce yet! I have no real desire to try!

I have been walking about 2 to 4 miles a day. I can go up and down hill now. Downhill is the hardest. I still take a trekking pole with me on long walks or hikes. I have been on the field in muck boots hiking through a fen! I was exhausted but it was great.

I still have some nerve and muscle pain but it’s normal.I see my surgeon again in 3 more months.It is so good not to have the horrible pain I used to have!

If you are suffering with hip pain, I encourage you to see a good orthopedic surgeon! My surgeon asked me if I would do it again. And of course if my other hip goes, I will have it done by him if he is still here! Hopefully it will be a long time from now though.

Nine Weeks Post THR and Hiking!

A nice evening hike

Tonight I went with the family for a nice hike at the local Audubon Trail not far from where I live. The trail was about a mile long and went up and down hill and was definitely an outdoors experience in this heat! My hip felt GREAT! My leg did great too. We went to Kroger (grocery store) afterward to pick up a few things and I felt myself start to limp and my back/SI joint start hurting. But I assessed my posture and found I was slouching amd quickly corrected myself and no more pain! I will probably be sore but it’s the good kind of sore – the kind that lets you know you are alive!

I also had PT earlier this afternoon and posted a picture on Facebook with an ice pack on my leg saying that was my favorite part of PT – the stim and ice! Well it feels great and after the work out it feels really wonderful. But… I actually do enjoy the workouts too. It feels good to be getting stronger.

Oh I must tell you about this great restaurant in Ellisville, MO called Malinche. It is so good! It’s kind of a tapas style place and reservations are recommended but so very worth it! It’s in the plaza on the corner of Manchester and Clarkson I think. Here’s a picture of my plate – a sort of taco al pastor but it was called something different and was way better than I have ever had. Flavor explosion! What are some of your favorite eating spots?

Peace my friends. I will be praying for you!